The Areco ERP meets the particular segment from sending budgets and requests via e-mail to the sales of goods and services contracts processing.


  • 1. Layouts customized proposals, generating customer for contracts.
  • 2. Billing agreements with monthly fixed amounts and automatic insertion of additional services, just in time pointing tool and work.
  • 3. Emission NFSe (Invoice Electronic Services) and integration with local governments (subject to verification of each site), passing the RPS (Service Interim Receipt) automatically in case of existence of WebService in the city.
  • 4. Automated submission service reports, requests, bill, note and slips.
  • 5. Automatic updating contracts readjustments with support for multiple indexers (various indices).


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Allows representatives to make sales on the Web, using computers and tablets, with control over trade rules, price lists, payment terms, product and inventory offered – all with individual access passwords.
Ideal for maintaining customer relationships in an easy and organized way. Every contact, a number of protocol to follow is generated, expediting the resolution of any problems, allowing follow-ups and referrals. There are also two levels of access: user and manager.
Generate autonomy so that customers can reprint slips still open, capture XMLs and Danfes, recording date, time, IP connection and browser used in the operation.
Allows sales agents to place orders through tablets and smartphones with Internet access, even when working offline, allowing work without network sites with subsequent automatic synchronization.