CHEMICAL AND PETROCHEMICALThe Areco ERP meets the particular segment, from the preparation and setting up of products to the precise pointing of production time, lots consumed and labeling by-products and final products.


  • 1. Full control of the preparation and composition of special inks tailored to full integration of the commercial sector, laboratory, production planning, inventory, packaging, billing and shipping.
  • 2. Engineering products and processes, allowing you to organize and refine processes, resources and materials needed to manufacture an item.
  • 3. Formulation base 100 – ability to work with minimum amount of raw materials required in the manufacture of certain products. The system takes care of all the calculations correctly to handle special situations.
  • 4. Issuing technical reports tailored – according to the specification required by the customer, and cataloging their expected standards.


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Integrated into the ERP system, online access, responsible for issuing periodic and automated reports, according to previously established settings.
Facilitates indicators display through charts, with the flexibility to configure them according to the management needs by adding or removing data in accordance with the operational demands of control.
Price Search:
Interacts with the Areco ERP and suppliers, requesting price quotes, payment terms and delivery times. The system is responsible for performing comparisons and indicate the ‘winner’ of the process.
NF-e Receptor:
Makes NF entry processes safer and more practical, automatically monitoring all e-mails to a particular account and performing all tests to provide the entry of note data in the ERP system.