The Areco ERP meets the segment characteristics, since the precise control costs by monitoring the time required for each process, with online viewing of each machine in operation.


  • 1. Engineering of integrated products, with unlimited registration levels for manufactured items – including raw materials, sub-items, packaging and production routings.
  • 2. Full production planning considering availability of human resources, physical and material and relating with shifts of information, business hours and customer time.
  • 3. Control of the time required by a specific process, with monitoring of each machine operation and productivity notes.
  • 4. Production Order Management generating barcode for online appointment of each stage of production.
  • 5. IQF report generation (Supplier Quality Index) and reports of raw material and finished product.


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Price Search:
Interacts with the Areco ERP and suppliers, requesting price quotes, payment terms and delivery times. The system is responsible for performing comparisons and indicate the ‘winner’ of the process.
Facilitates indicators display through charts, with the flexibility to configure them according to the management needs by adding or removing data in accordance with the operational demands of control.
Ideal for maintaining customer relationships in an easy and organized way. Every contact, a number of protocol to follow is generated, expediting the resolution of any problems, allowing follow-ups and referrals. There are also two levels of access: user and manager.
NF-e Receptor:
Makes NF entry processes safer and more practical, automatically monitoring all e-mails to a particular account and performing all tests to provide the entry of note data in the ERP system.
Webshop fully integrated with ERP Areco, unifying all data product catalog, images and specifications. simple user interface equipped with all functions necessary for operations, the online payment (financial processing with the banking operators) to integration with stock, controlled via ERP.