The Areco ERP meets the particular segment, from research products / complex machines for technical characteristics to the construction projects tailored, through a dynamic business process.


  • 1. Detailing Process List, Drawings List and List of materials integrated into the same environment.
  • 2. Early Association of serial numbers in business processes.
  • 3. Association of Customer Equity numbers or number of tipping in business processes.
  • 4. Detailing and Research of electrical characteristics of Trafos.
  • 5. Accuracy in training costs and prices, and contribution margin.
  • 6. Traceability of raw materials and finished products.


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Price Search:
Interacts with the Areco ERP and suppliers, requesting price quotes, payment terms and delivery times. The system is responsible for performing comparisons and indicate the ‘winner’ of the process.
Facilitates indicators display through charts, with the flexibility to configure them according to the management needs by adding or removing data in accordance with the operational demands of control.
Generate autonomy so that customers can reprint slips still open, capture XMLs and Danfes, recording date, time, IP connection and browser used in the operation.
NF-e Receptor:
Makes NF entry processes safer and more practical, automatically monitoring all e-mails to a particular account and performing all tests to provide the entry of note data in the ERP system.