The Areco ERP meets the segment’s characteristics from the control map production to automated quality indicators, with online viewing of the factory.


  • 1. Control engineering project cycle, with production management maps, handling inventory and routing deliveries.
  • 2. Integration EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with automakers.
  • 3. Total Quality Practices (ISO), with the field of lots and traceability of raw materials and finished products.
  • 4. Control of contribution margins in the insertion of new budgets and requests.
  • 5. B2B sales support in the field, enabling records of customers and applications via web, with automatic data synchronization.


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“Soon we found, among more precise figures, integrate indeed the various sectors of the company and make the automation tools and management Areco ERP operate, reaching results.”

Rivail Calderini – Owner of AUTOPOLI Automotive Technology




NF-e Receptor:
Makes NF entry processes safer and more practical, automatically monitoring all e-mails to a particular account and performing all tests to provide the entry of note data in the ERP system.
Facilitates indicators display through charts, with the flexibility to configure them according to the management needs by adding or removing data in accordance with the operational demands of control.
Allows sales agents to place orders through tablets and smartphones with Internet access, even when working offline, allowing work without network sites with subsequent automatic synchronization.
Simplifies cash operations with the use of special keyboards, optical readers, fiscal coupon issuers and pin-pads. With all the data already registered in
ERP system, you can integrate processes and generate complete control reports.
Webshop fully integrated with ERP Areco, unifying all data product catalog, images and specifications. simple user interface equipped with all functions necessary for operations, the online payment (financial processing with the banking operators) to integration with stock, controlled via ERP.
Allows representatives to make sales on the Web, using computers and tablets, with control over trade rules, price lists, payment terms, product and inventory offered – all with individual access passwords.