The Areco ERP meets the particular segment, from planning delivery routes (Lists or Sales Order Packing) to issue MDFe, NF-e NFC-e and SPED’s.


  • 1. Centralization of procurement processes and their distribution in various deposits and branches, with integration and automation of the entire process.
  • 2. Routine WMS (Warehouse Management System) with integrated location of items, facilitating the process of storage and separation of materials, improving productivity and optimization of space in storage.
  • 3. B2B sales support in the field, with records of customers and applications via web, with automatic data synchronization, schedule control and follow-up requests for follow-up.
  • 4. Automated business rules for sales policy (restrictions, discounts, promotions and commissions) and analysis of contribution margin by application and product.
  • 5. Automatic management of commissioning for sellers and agents.


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Allows sales agents to place orders through tablets and smartphones with Internet access, even when working offline, allowing work without network sites with subsequent automatic synchronization.
Allows representatives to make sales on the Web, using computers and tablets, with control over trade rules, price lists, payment terms, product and inventory offered – all with individual access passwords.
webshop fully integrated with ERP Areco, unifying all data product catalog, images and specifications. simple user interface equipped with all functions necessary for operations, the online payment (financial processing with the banking operators) to integration with stock, controlled via ERP.
Simplifies cash operations with the use of special keyboards, optical readers, fiscal coupon issuers and pin-pads. With all the data already registered in
ERP system, you can integrate processes and generate complete control reports.