As eleições estão chegando. Valorize o poder do seu voto!

As eleições estão chegando. Valorize o poder do seu voto!

By Alvaro Roberto Areco Chaves, CEO Areco

We are close to the elections and we can not but call to all for this moment so important.

Our country has instituted compulsory voting, and from the age of 16 already have voters. The territorial extent and multiplicity of problems and realities facing the country make this moment a vital event for future generations.

There was an English philosopher named Karl Popper, who very wisely directed it made no sense to sacrifice future generations in favor of this, as well as the reciprocal, that is, sacrificing the present generation towards future. This balance however is complex. What does this have to do with elections?

The awareness that we are an integrated tissue, a whole, not just socially but also with the natural resources with which we interact deeply. Ask everyone you know to vote, they do not annul their right to vote (even if it is required), for canceling the vote favors the bad politicians sometimes.

Are clear that there is no free lunch, that is, if something is given “grace”, someone is paying for it, which in turn return in some way, either with higher prices or taxes. So whenever the company will be paying all.

The Areco asked to observe with deep candidates, what their teams, with emphasis on the economy as it is this that allows the fiscal balance to occur, the strength of the currency is installed, that inflation is dispelled, the stability and security institutions is solid, for only then will generate business, jobs, competition, export and hence sustainable growth.

Investment in basic education and strong is essential because it will come a more cultured society, critical, conscious, more skilled jobs, respect, health and values. Do not forget to pay attention also on the issue of freedom. This is an almost utopian value, which has gained strength since the Enlightenment, inspired independence in the world and even shaped features that are in our flag, Order and Progress. Freedom of movement, freedom includes an increase of responsibility.

Will, in recent years, has increased the freedom of the people? It has increased the responsibility of the people? The vote of each is conscious, studied, not just a boost. The future of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, last of all, depends on it.

Fique atento à segurança dos dados de sua empresa!

Fique atento à segurança dos dados de sua empresa!

For effective data management of a company, the issue of information security becomes a factor of utmost importance. Have an integrated management system, robust and deployed secure is important, but good use of both the ERP tool as too many applications for users is a key factor to keep totally secure confidential information. Always concerned with the satisfaction of our customers and data security, Areco gives some tips!

In the opinion of Alvaro Roberto Areco Chaves, CEO of Enterprise Systems Areco, the user of the systems is critical figure.

“The privacy of information becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, the security, especially on the Internet necessarily involves the responsibility and surveillance of the users”

The Areco ERP is fully integrated, it ensures the complete management of a company and helps in decision making, as well as having particularizations for various market segments. Information security is rigorously treated in databases, both for access levels as the respect of rights and permissions of users Technical support of Areco is always available to assist our customers to have an infrastructure of local networks, with security regulations applied in routers to aggregate consistent work rights in Areco ERP system. All this ensures a good level of control and security of information in the data of each company !!

In order to ensure that the data of your company remains 100% secure, care must be taken to ensure that the information remains confidential.

Use an ERP management system, reliable software, and both are updated periodically;
Create “strong” passwords for your logins;
Encrypt files containing sensitive data;
And of course, use consciously and responsibly all work tools.

Areco Dashboards: painel de controle para tomada de decisão

Areco Dashboards: painel de controle para tomada de decisão

In August, the Day of the Economist, professional responsible for monitoring the market, pointing out trends and even outputs during crises was celebrated. As an economist performs the analysis of numbers and other data in order to build an overview and design trends toward success, the Areco Dashboards performs all these steps quickly and flexibly.

This additional system is integrated into the ERP Areco, and functions as a control panel, offering dynamic reports using graphs and tables. Thus, the Areco Dashboards facilitates the understanding of all data, and provides an overview of the business, helping managers in decision making.

The tool is completely flexible and can be configured according to the needs of businesses. Just a preset for the data selection is made which will serve as the basis for the generation of comprehensive management reports.

Have quick and easy access to information synthesized of each sector of the company through graphs and charts, and view important indicators for effective business management.

Please contact us and learn how Areco Dashboards can further optimize the results of your business and decision-making.

Como a tecnologia digital pode transformar o mundo dos negócios

Como a tecnologia digital pode transformar o mundo dos negócios

Synonymous with expansion opportunities and greater ease in processes, technology is considered vital and has been widely applied by entrepreneurs in search of greater success.

A study by MasterCard revealed that small and medium Brazilian companies believe that technology is a key factor to touch the business efficiently. Another data raised is that 81% of Brazil’s SMEs have websites and that more than half of these entrepreneurs carry out their activities using smartphones and tablets.

It is noted that we find ourselves inserted in a world where technological advances are increasingly present in our daily lives. Messages, quick reference, banking and even shopping can be done through mobile devices. A variety of possibilities in the palm of our hands!

Accompanying these trends related to the digital universe, companies around the world have been moving toward strategies to adapt to new consumer behavior. According to a survey released by Accenture, conducted with more than 500 executives from 11 countries are already expected radical changes in five years. The study “CMOs: Time for digital transformation or the risk of being left out” points out that the main focus of the companies are in investments in mobile, metrics analysis tools (Analytics) and digital.

The Areco is attentive to technological changes that accompany market and develops systems and solutions that will further assist companies. Wait for the news!

Areco Store: parceiro ideal no dia a dia dos comerciantes

Areco Store: parceiro ideal no dia a dia dos comerciantes

On July 16, the day trader, one of the key professionals to Brazilian economic growth at present was celebrated. With great creativity, dedication and commitment, they can circumvent the competition and achieve success in business.

Retail is one of the fastest growing fields and remains warm even with the constant fall of estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Brazil throughout the year 2014. According to research released by IDV (Institute for Retail Development ), the retail sector showed growth rates during the first months of the year compared to 2013.

Month Growth
February 7.5%
March 1.3%
April 6.3%
May 5.4%
June 4.4%

Source: IDV

To ensure more efficiency in the act of sale and allow better monitoring and control data, the use of an ERP system becomes critical and contributes very significantly to the trade performance. Through this tool, you can, for example, track product inventory and sales realized in real time and thus verify goals to be achieved and make strategic decisions more assertive way.

The Areco accompanies the main trends on the national scene and presents itself as a partner also merchants with solutions that simplify increasingly routine operations of this business. For this, the company offers Areco Store, front system robust and efficient shop.

Fully integrated to the registered data in the ERP Areco, the Areco Store has been specially created to facilitate cash operations through the use of special keyboards, optical readers and issuers of tax receipts. In addition, the system respects the PAF-ECF tax rules, allowing use even when there is no communication with the server, with data automatically sync as soon as the connection is reestablished.

Discover all the benefits of Areco Store and how this system can optimize the activities of your store.

Copa do Mundo™: uma análise muito além do futebol

Copa do Mundo™: uma análise muito além do futebol

Last Sunday, July 13, the whole world got to know the winning team of the 2014 World Cup ™, held in Brazil. Winning the fourth title, Germany took the cup home after beating Argentina 1-0 in overtime.

The staff kept a consistent campaign throughout the world, with a team focused on winning the championship held in Brazil, after spending 24 years without winning a World Cup. But Germany’s victory did not come only through luck, “Shirt” or positive thinking. The German team is already preparing for some years through many physical, psychological and strategic training.

Football is a team sport, where it is necessary a set of factors for the victory occurs, or at least so that the dispute be done on the basis of focused thought and not on wishful thinking. Scientists have proven that it is necessary to have the gift, but hours of hard training are required to achieve a level of excellence. And this goes for everything! Teamwork and a focus on results are critical not only in sports but also to the efficient management of any business or a country.

It is important to take the time to end the World Cup to discuss not only about football, but go further and do some thoughts and reflections. Our selection and especially the Brazilian government may not have a single thought, not seeing the reality around. Without applying the training effort, humility, tactics, strategy and hard work, you do not get anywhere.

The defeat suffered by Brazil reflects a simulacrum of what occurs in the public sphere, and should reflect like a mirror for whom to vote in the October elections. Billions of dollars have been spent, but it is unknown whether the right way, and nor will benefit the population as a whole. Both the score of 7 X1 suffered by Brazil as a bet on 4% of GDP growth rather have 1% return reflect that change and the reality of the Brazilian population are needed to be really understood.

We live in a beautiful country that needs many things, but especially quality education because it is a high chance of social growth and greater purchasing power. Respect, ethics, dignity and wealth can only be earned through hard work and physical and mental effort, for nothing comes for free and can not be so, but loses its value.

The secret is to dream, but mainly focus on objectives, see the reality, draw a plan of action, negotiate with those involved and of course act !!

Como um sistema ERP pode alavancar as representações comerciais em sua empresa

Como um sistema ERP pode alavancar as representações comerciais em sua empresa

Honored on June 20, the dealer is the professional who is commercially a company and establishing the business through mediation proposals and / or requests. Depending on the condition laid down, a reseller may represent one or more companies, and even different segments.

Because there is no need to spend much of their working day in the office, and as a result have certain mobility, this professional can establish more contacts and partnerships, facilitating the generation of business in various regions.

Because of this movement for several cities, often the information is not organized, that is, registered and centralized. The Areco ERP Commercial Representation was developed especially for the representative area and prepared to operate with several commercial agents and companies represented.

The system has tools able to control the commissioning of each commercial agent, even though each represented company has different rules to be applied. It also allows control via EDI sending requests and status monitoring.

Customer Areco, the company Freitas Representations, headquartered in São Paulo, use the system for ten years. Flavia Coutinho, collaborator of the commercial department of Freitas representations, comments that the module very streamlined business processes of the company. “The system allows the optimization of the flow of information, control of daily operations and sales orders, streamlining the company’s revenues,” he concludes.

By Areco ERP Trade Representative, it can have a detailed and analytical way all information relating to representatives, represented companies, products, customer segments, among other categories. Having at hand accurate and integrated data, it is possible to control more agile and intelligent of all proposals and commissioning processes, reaching the best levels of growth and focusing resources towards even better results.

“The system allows the optimization of the flow of information, control of daily operations and sales orders, streamlining the company’s revenues”

Flavia Coutinho, Commercial Representation in Freitas

Areco patrocina 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos

Areco patrocina 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos

On 25 June, the Areco was present at Valinhos City Council to award the winning students of the 13th Essay Contest Lions Club in town.

Blog  Areco patrocina 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos
13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube

The contest organized by the association and partners involves young students valinhense public in the range of 13-14 years. The initiative, which has been around for 13 years in the city, aims to encourage reading, writing and research topics of today by the students, and, of course, to prepare them for college entrance essays.

Blog  Areco patrocina 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos
A vencedora do concurso Yasmin durante a leitura de sua redação na cerimônia de premiação

This year, the basic theme for the essays was “What are the advantages and disadvantages that we have with the World Cup being held in our country?”. The author of the essay chosen and winner of the contest was Yasmin, Sesi student. The young 13-year-old carried out the reading of the text during the ceremony and was awarded with a tablet device.

Blog  Areco patrocina 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos
Ana Capovilla recebe o prêmio pelo 3º lugar do Presidente da Câmara de Valinhos, Lourivaldo Messias de Oliveira, e de Fran Caroline, RH da Areco

Students who took second and third place were also presented with electronics. Fran Caroline, RH Areco, held together with the Mayor of Valinhos, Lourivaldo Messias de Oliveira, the award ceremony for the third place of the contest, Ana Capovilla.

The Areco cares and takes pride in participating in initiatives that encourage education and teaching of young people. “I feel very happy to participate in this event, and even happier to be part of a company that sponsors this type of initiative,” added Fran.

Blog  Areco patrocina 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos
Turma de Musicoterapia se apresenta na cerimônia de premiação do 13º Concurso de Redação do Lions Clube de Valinhos

In addition to the awards, the ceremony also included the presentation of special choir music therapy class at the Open Faculty of the Third Age (FATI), Anhanguera of Valinhos. Coordinated by Professor Miriam Holland, the group presented in a fun way five songs, among them Cecilia Meirelles poems.

Check out all the photos in the award of Areco fanpage!

Areco valoriza a prática de networking nos negócios

Areco valoriza a prática de networking nos negócios

Currently, one of the factors that contribute directly to achieving success in business is networking. The American term began to be used in Brazil from the 1990s, a time when globalization took hold of the markets, and when the need arose to establish business between companies from different countries.

Networking relates primarily to its network of business contacts. It is a practice that is based on creating strong links to exchange experiences, and as a result, generation of opportunities. In other words, the larger and more diversified your network, the greater will also be the chance to be able to establish more partnerships and successful business.

Knowing the importance of establishing contacts in various sectors and levels, the Areco values ??the formation of strong partnerships. On 15 May, a Breakfast was promoted in the Areco headquarters in order to meet the members of BNI group Premium Valinhos. During the event, in addition to taking a delicious breakfast and meet the company’s facilities, guests could find out more information and answer your questions about the services and systems Areco.

Blog  Areco valoriza a prática de networking nos negócios
Mariana Arena, marketing analyst at Areco, with members of BNI

On the 22nd, the company participated in the Boteco Networking, kind of happy hour with dynamic and activities that promoted networking among participants. The first edition in Valinhos brought together about 350 professionals from various fields, who had the chance to establish future business partnerships.

On June 29, the Areco attended the 15th Meeting of Rotarians and Business. The event, held at CIESP of Campinas / SP, aimed to strengthen the relationship between the participants in search of business expansion. Also, included lectures on entrepreneurship and the economic environment in Brazil.

May was a month full of opportunities to establish new contacts and potential partners, and hopes that the next Areco are also loads of good partnerships! If you have interest in becoming a partner of Areco, click here.

Setor industrial brasileiro segue com queda de produtividade

Setor industrial brasileiro segue com queda de produtividade

On May 25 it was celebrated the Industry Day in Brazil. This is an important sector in the world and one of the fastest employs, but is gradually giving way to labor for the service sector. The strength of the industry should be high, because it actually creates wealth, technology, products and trade, with strong ties in the cities and regions where it settles.

Unfortunately, recent times have been difficult, given the aspects of international competition and several national barriers that need to be removed with labor, fiscal and tax policies that favor the free market and desonerem production and wealth creation.

The Brazilian industry runs in 2014 with a drop in production, following the same pace of European and American factories, which rehearse repeat the scenario of the crisis of 2008. According to data released by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) in Industry Strategic Map 2013- 2022, factors such as production costs, investments in education and development of innovative technologies are key to raising productivity levels, competitiveness and industry efficiency. The Industrial Confidence Index (ICEI) has also fallen since January. In the first month of 2014, 53.1 index points was recorded, while in May reached 48 points, the second lowest mark since 1999.

With such a scenario the economy is extremely important that companies are prepared, having at hand data on the business up to date and consistent to carry out accurate analysis. Having a robust ERP system that promotes the management and integration of information is a key factor in ensuring that control.
The implementation of an ERP system can revolutionize your company, as through a well-controlled administration of the production, financial, fiscal sector, among others, a certain action can be reformulated or even set aside. With access to integrated data, a company can produce faster and more intelligently, coming to profitable growth and focusing its resources where they will get better results.

Areco came with the scenario of the Brazilian economy and, especially, any changes made in the country’s legislation, to develop the best solutions in business management systems. Decision-making also gains another dynamic through the ERP Areco, where information is available for all departments that can act in an integrated manner and with much more speed and assertiveness.